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The best players work together as a team.  Being with your teammates gives you strength and confidence.  That's why Sales Events are so important.  Sales Events create team spirit and a sense of belonging.  You need Sales Events - and Sales Events need YOU!
Mark the date of your next Sales Event on a calendar.  Make any necessary babysitting arrangements well in advance.  Babies and children are welcome at Sales Events, but  we ask that you bring a friend with you to take them "for a walk" if they get fussy or fidgetty, as this is distracting to other attendees and speakers.
If you know of other Representatives in your area, why not organise a car pool and take turns driving?
Bring a notepad and pen, your address book and diary.  Keep them handy for taking notes at Sales Events.   You will receive handouts on important subjects, but you may want to take notes also.
Sales Events are meant to help you increase your sales.  So bring with you any sales ideas you have to share with other members of your District.  You may be doing something hat works that others haven't tried!
Be ready with names of potential Sales Representatives (Recommendations).  Write down their names, phone numbers and addresses and bring them with you, then you will be ready when your District Sales Manager distributes recommendation slips.  Remember, your recommendations earn credits towards beautiful gifts!
If you see a Sales Reprtesentative at the Sales Event that you don't know, introduce yourself.  The more Sales Representatives you know, the better for your business.  You can share advice, sales ideas, even products if you run out!
Statistics show that President's Club Members' attendance at Sales Events is three times greater than non-members.  The majority of PC Members attend regularly becuase they know the information they get helps build their business.  Take a few moments to talk to a President's Club Member - ask how they benefit from the Sales Events.
Bring a friend!  If you know someone who's interested in becoming a Sales Representative, invite them to the Sales Event as your guest.  It's a god way for them to get a feel for the business.  If you haven't attended a Sales Event yet because you are shy, or don't know anybody else who will be there, again, bring a friend for "moral support"!  We assure you, though, you will feel right at home after a few minutes, whether you come alone or not!  We are a friendly bunch!
It feels good to belong... Just having contact with other Sales Representatives is motivating.  Everybody experiences the same successes and problems as you.  It's good to share them with others.  You can learn a lot, too!
Many successes of Representatives in the District are recognised at Sales Events - successes large and small.  It's good to see how well other Representatives are doing, and learn a few tips from them.
Often there are special offers, promotions for Sales Event attendees only and  product giveaways just for attending the Sales Event.  It really is worthwile attending just for the special offers and freebies, if nothing else!  ;)

The next Sales Event will be held on Thursday 28th October at 10.30am at the GLENORCHY RSL.   Attendance will be $4.00. 


Bring a friend and have some fun, see what’s new in upcoming campaigns,  have a cuppa, & get a free gift.  Please RSVP to your Team Leader or to District Sales Manager by the day before the Sales Event so we can cater for the correct number (Supper, seats, gifts, etc)! 


If you haven’t attended a Sales Event yet, I urge you to come along to this one – it will be fun, and there will be lots of important news to share regarding upcoming campaigns during the Summer Sales period.



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