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Avon District 473

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Demonstration Products, Samples and Sales Aids



Demonstration products, samples, sales aids and net offers may not be returned to Avon for credit UNLESS faulty or ordered in error.


Avon brochures may not be returned to Avon for credit unless ordered in error.


There is no return for credit on Express or Instant Delivery Offers unless special circumstances apply.  If you do need to return Express or Instant Delivery Offer products, then you need to return a complete set (ie, the products you are billed for AND the products you receive FREE).  When taking an Express or Instant Delivery, you are committing to sell them.  Any free gifts are given in return for this commitment.  The returning of these offers nullifies your commitment and therefore you are not entitled to the free gifts.


Should you be in the position where you absolutely must return any of the above, you will need to contact your District Sales Manager with details of product, quantity, product numbers, and  campaign of purchase so that the correct paperwork can be completed and your credits processed.  Any returns of these items without giving District Sales Manager the required details will result in your credits not being processed.

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