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Every new AVON Representative is granted a unique privilege in AVON’s credit policy.  AVON has the most liberal credit policy of any company in the Direct Selling industry.


AVON extends credit in keeping with the needs of Representatives to manage and grow their business.  Since credit is  a privilege, you should protect that privilege by taking full responsibility for the management of your financial obligation to AVON.






Every AVON Representative receives their first order on credit.  Their credit extends 3 weeks, until the next order is due at AVON.


Starting with your second order, you must sent to AVON the total amount owed for the previous order (shown on your account statement as “Total amount due to Avon”), in the form of a cheque or Money Order.


AVON’s normal selling schedule lends itself well to this credit policy, because the Representative receives their shipment and then has two weeks to deliver and collect money before submitting the next order along with the payment.


As your length of association with AVON increases, your purchasing and payment history will determine the amount of additional credit you can receive.  Additional credit can only be granted by the Credit Control Officer at AVON (your District Sales Manager has no authority to grant credit).


The only way to establish and maintain a good credit rating with AVON is to always pay in full for your previous order at the time you submit your current order.




Keeping your account balance current is your responsibility.  If, at any time you have a question about your account, AVON Customer & Representative Service are always more than willing to assist you.  Customer & Representative Service is open from 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday, and the phone number is 02 9936 7555.  Your District Sales Manager does not have access to your account details, so if you have a question or problem with your account, always call Customer & Representative Service for advice.


On occasions a customer may wish to return a product to AVON for exchange or refund, therefore it is important that you know how to use the last page of your order form.  Your Team Leader or District Sales Manager is there to help  you with returns and replacements.  Any products returned to AVON for credit will show on your next statement under “Total Credits”.  Adjustments, such as replacement products will also show on your next statement.




If a payment is not made in accordance with the credit policy, the account will be considered “Past Due”.  If a balance is past due, then your next order will not be released by AVON (“held”), however you will be notified of the amount due.  If you are advised that your order has been “Held” your District Sales Manager will do her best to contact you – it may be a small oversight in forgetting to include your payment, or your payment may have “crossed” with the “held message”.  If you do get a message that your order is held,  you need to contact either your District Sales Manager or Team Leader immediately.










DO be realistic when ordering for yourself and your family.


DO pay for any products not being returned to AVON.


DO keep AVON money secure.


DO keep AVON money separate from your personal money.


DO make sure you send “Total Amount Due To Avon” every campaign.


DO keep the receipt from Money Orders (clipped to the appropriate statement) in case of loss in transit to AVON.


DO keep copies or every statement along with records of payment details.


DO always write your AVON account number on your cheque or Money Order.


DON’T leave products with customers without collecting the money.


DON’T hold products for customers longer than when the time comes for you to send off your next order.


DON’T accept personal cheques from customers.


DON’T use AVON’s money for personal needs.


DON’T every send cash with your order.


DON’T include returned products in your Order envelope.

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