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Would you like to increase your customer base and therefore increase your sales?  Have you thought of taking on an Avon Territory?  A Territory is an assigned area – several streets, where you can canvass by doorknocking and letterboxing.


You will be given a map showing you which areas you can canvas.


Your map has been marked in solid lines and broken lines.  Please note that you can only canvass the houses in the areas marked in SOLID LINES.  The BROKEN LINE sections will be in a Territory that is being canvassed by somebody else.  If your map has arrows on it, this means you can only do the one side of the road – the side the arrows are pointing to.


If you stick the map on Page 3 of your Customer Record book, you can use the book to keep record of your customers.  Just head up each page with the Street names in your Territory, and list every house.  That way, even if they aren’t interested, you have a record of where not to go.  You should recanvass them at least every 3-4 months or so (but more often than that the better), just to see if circumstances have changed, such as new tenants, customers changing minds, etc. 


The best way to canvass a Territory is to use  leaflets advertising a current special, and letterbox the area.  (Your District Sales manager has, from time to time, letterboxing leaflets available for you to use.)  You will get best results by following up your letterbox drop by going back and knocking on doors, using the leaflet  as “something to talk about” and asking if the customer wants to see a regular brochure.  


You WILL get the best result by knocking on doors in your territory.  Some Representatives will just letterbox leaflets or brochures, and you can do this campaign after campaign with little success, but the minute you knock on a door, and the Customer can put a face to your name you will find you will get 100% better results.


It is a good idea to canvass the whole Territory every campaign for at least 3 Campaigns, as some people may not contact you the first couple of times as they may not need anything.  After that, another good idea is to re-canvass the houses that aren’t buying about every three to six months.  Don’t forget to order a few extra brochures in your next order for those new customers you find and samples to gain sales from those Customers!


You may find there are a couple of people in your Territory being serviced by another Representative (just as you service you own family and friends who are not in your territory).  Finding that some customers already have a Representative does not mean this Territory is being canvassed by someone else, simply that some customers are buying from their own friends and/or family.


All  Territory assignments will be reviewed every few campaigns – taking into account number of brochures ordered, customers served and $ sales.   Any territories that have been assigned need to be regularly canvassed.   Should you decide to relinquish your territory please let me know right away as we have waiting lists for territories in some areas to become available. 

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