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AVON DISTRICT 473                                

Oct/Nov/Dec 2004.                                       

 SHARON LIPSCOMBE                                     

 Ph. 6229 7795   Mob. 0411 255 824                    


District Manager Office Hours 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.



Campaign         Close                Delivery

17                     MON  11 Oct      20 Oct

18                    MON  1 Nov       10 Nov

1                      MON  22 Nov        1 Dec

2                     WED  8 Dec       17 Dec

3                      WED 29 Dec       10 Jan

4                      MON 17 Jan       27 Jan

5                     WED  2 Feb        11 Feb

Your account statement will always give you the Close

dates of the next 2 campaigns. Delivery is approx 9 Days later.



Hello D473!


We recently held our Top Achievers Banquet in Hobart, with Phil Keefe, President & Managing Director,  & Division Sales Manager, Carol Johnstone, along with Kyle Wilkinson (AvonTransport), recognizing the achievements and successes of our Top Sales Representatives and STRs in Districts 473 & 475. 


Many congratulations to our Top Ten Sales Representatives for the past Presidents Club year…


1. Joanne & Frayne Higgins      

2.  John Keeling  

3. Suellen Hill    

4. Maree Jameson

5. Diana Cripps

6. Marilyn Levis  

7.  Faye Henderson  

8.  Julie Belstead    

9. Ann Roberts   

10. Chris Le Rossignol .


and also to our top STRs for the year…

Julie Belstead (Gold Star Achiever) and Joanne Higgins (Platinum Star Achiever).   


To avoid your order being held by Avon,  you need to send the amount owing for the last campaign with your next order EVERY CAMPAIGN.   You can make payment on the internet or Automated Phone System to pay your account immediately.  Phone Customer & Representative Service (02 9936 7555) or email Avon at and ask for Flexible Debit Form (or complete one online at our website).  When this form is completed and sent to Avon, you will be able to use the electronic payment system within 5 days. Flexible debit is similar to B-Pay and is very convenient.    Remember, if full payment is not received at Avon when they process your order then the order will be held until payment is received. 


How about the new Avon Internet Site?  The great new format lets you; track your order, enquire about STR points, get Flexible Debit Form online,  do an online virtual makeover, get your account statement, print a tally form, and provides upcoming campaign submit dates, e-beauty newsletter, FAQs, and  product ingredients!  Check it out at !  


 I am thrilled to announce that we also now have a website for our own Avon District… I hope this site will be successful in keeping you up with all local District updates and news, and I look forward to hearing from you with sales tips and funny stories we can post on our own site.  The new website is not designed to replace the Avon Australia site – you won’t be able to order or make payments on it, but it will keep you updated with news pertaining to OUR DISTRICT only.  Go and check out  Hope you will visit at least once per campaign and catch up on the latest for Avon District 473!


                Simone Sealy is our  Internet Team Leader.  Simone can be contacted on email or telephone 6228 5544.  Please call her if you have any questions or queries about the Avon Internet site, or about ordering and/or making payments to Avon on the internet.  (Please remember to keep calls to all team Leaders to reasonable hours!)  To help ensure that all internet orders have gone thru ok each campaign, we are now asking that all internet Representatives email Simone with their name and  “order submit number” after their order is placed each campaign.  This way we can quickly check that your order is in the system and tagged for shipping at the right time.  If you decide to place your orders on the internet, pleas do call me and let me know you will be doing this.  If you start placing your order on the internet, please send me an email to let me know.



                Don’t forget that another way to earn extra money in AVON is by joining the Selection and Training Representative team.  You will earn cheques from AVON simply by finding, training and guiding new Representatives in their first few campaigns.  It’s so easy – all you do is share the knowledge that you already have!  There is no required amount of work/time involved in STR work – you can do as much or as little as you want – just like your AVON sales business.  Please call me to find out more.  Registration for the STR programme is free…. you can achieve some wonderful gifts in this programme AS WELL AS pay cheques!


Again, just a reminder that I have very limited coverage on my mobile phone.  The only time I can access calls or messages on it is when I am driving.  Many a time, I am in my office for extended periods  working for several days on paperwork, after hours and weekends, or, like recently, I was ill for a week.  During these times I cannot access my mobile.           Quite often  urgent messages are left on my mobile, but have not been able to access them for long periods - sometimes for days.  Please make your first port of call to contact me or leave a message on my office phone.  I can access this at all times when I am in my office, out of hours, and also I can access messages on it from my mobile (and I check the office phone messages regularly throughout the day when I am on the road).  Also, I often leave special messages on my office phone (like District orders being held up, important bulletins from Head Office, etc).  So please use my office phone first to contact me.  You can leave a message there and then try to get me on the mobile if you wish.  Should I not respond to any messages left straight away, IT IS BECAUSE I AM UNABLE TO.  Please only leave me one message – I will respond as soon as I can.  My answering machine is filling up, particularly when I am away on leave or at workshop, because some Representatives are leaving 2 or 3 messages per day.  I will reply to all messages as first available opportunity.


Don’t forget that all orders must be at your drop off point by 11.00am on each Close Date.  If you forget or if you have a late order to go in, please call your Team Leader or myself as soon as possible so that we can help you to get your order to AVON on time without affecting your delivery date. It has come to my attention that some Representatives are not placing orders on time because they are waiting for a few extra customer orders or money.  Please do not do this.  If you have late add on orders after you have dropped your order form on Close Date, you can simply call Rep Service (02 9936 7555) and, providing your order hasn’t already been keyed in,  they will add the extra products onto your order over the phone.  Posting your order late will result in late delivery of your order, and shorten your delivery time.  Also .40c needs to be dropped off at your drop off point with your order each campaign.  And remember to always enclose payment due to Avon, otherwise your order not be dispatched until amount due is received.


If you do have a question about your order being delivered, first check with AVON Rep Service that you order has, in fact, been dispatched.  Local courier enquiries can be directed to  Redline on  6233 9476  ONLY IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED YOUR ORDER BY THE ADVERTISED DELIVERY DATE ON THIS NEWSLETTER, AND HAVE FIRST CALLED CUSTOMER & REPRESENTATIVE SERVICE TO ENSURE YOUR ORDER HAS BEEN DISPATCHED.


Please note, following several enquiries lately,  that Representatives in D473 can only be assigned territories in D473 (Western Shore).  This applies to all AVON Districts.  Representatives in one AVON District can’t be assigned territories in another District.


If you submit your order by internet, please remember to make sure your payment arrives at Head Office by the time (or as close to the time as possible) that you submit your order.   Best solution is to pay on the internet, Direct Debit or drop off your payment to your Team Leader by Close Date.              If you are returning products to Avon, and are unsure of the correct procedure, please call either myself or your Team Leader. It is important that you request credits and replacements correctly, and know how to return your products, otherwise your credit may not be applied to your account!  RETURNED PRODUCTS ARE NOT TO BE INCLUDED IN YOUR ORDER ENVELOPE!!!  Also, please do not put your order envelope in your bag of returns!!!


The next Sales Event will be held on Thursday 28th October at 10.30am at the GLENORCHY RSL.   Attendance will be $4.00.  Bring a friend and have some fun, see what’s new in upcoming campaigns,  have a cuppa, & get a free gift.  Please RSVP to your Team Leader or to me by the day before the Sales Event so we can cater for the correct number (Supper, seats, gifts, etc)!  If you haven’t attended a Sales Event yet, I urge you to come along to this one – it will be fun, and there will be lots of important news to share regarding upcoming campaigns during the Summer Sales period.



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