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Avon District 473

Campaign Dates

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   Camp           Close Date            Delivery

 17         Mon 11 Oct          Wed 20 Oct

 18         Mon 1 Nov           Wed 10 Nov

  1         Mon 22 Nov         Wed 1 Dec

  2          WED 8 Dec         Fri 17 Dec

  3         WED 29 Dec        Mon 10 Jan

  4         MON 17 Jan        Thur 27 Jan

  5         WED 2 Feb          Fri 11 Feb


Please note different Close Dates for campaigns 2, 3 & 5.


Also note that Campaigns 2, 3 4, & 5 have shortened selling times.  Please let me know if you need help planning to manage these campaigns.  Avon has given us support, and it is easy to still serve your customers and place an order every campaign, even if you are going on holiday over the Christmas/Summer break.


Don’t forget that all orders must be at your drop off point by 11.00am on each Close Date.  If you forget or if you have a late order to go in, please call your Team Leader or myself as soon as possible so that we can help you to get your order to AVON on time without affecting your delivery date.


Some  Representatives are not placing orders on time because they are waiting for a few extra customer orders or money.  Please do not do this.  If you have late add on orders after you have dropped your order form on Close Date, you can simply call Rep Service (02 9936 7555) and, providing your order hasn’t already been keyed in,  they will add the extra products onto your order over the phone.  Posting your order late will result in late delivery of your order, and shorten your delivery time. 


Remember to always enclose payment due to Avon, otherwise your order not be dispatched until amount due is received.

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