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Avon District 473

Your Account Statement

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This important document accompanies every order you receive.  Please check it carefully and keep it for your records as proof of purchase.  It is a good idea to record on it payment details (write on cheque or Flexible Debit details or clip your Money Order butt to it).  The following details are included on your statement…


  • Your Name & Address – Please check  these details and if there are any discrepancies, phone to advise Avon’s Customer and Representative Service on 02 9936 9777.  If you have a change of address or telephone number, please advise Avon on the front of your order form, but also please call or email your District Sales Manager so she can keep her records up to date.


  • Your District And Account Number – Always keep these numbers handy.  Your District number is 473.  It is a good idea to keep these details, along with your Team Leader details, written in your Customer Record Book.  It is essential that you use them when phoning Avon, placing an order, sending correspondence and making payments to Avon.  Always write your account number on any payments sent to Avon.


  • Details Of Your Order – You will find a complete list of the products ordered, quantities, Customer price per item, total Customer price for the total order, the cost to you (“your cost”), and your profit (commission). 


Demonstration products, samples & sales aids are listed separately, at full price, under “Non Resale” items.  The price you pay is shown under “Summary Of Your Order”.


An asterisk (*) indicates that a product which you have ordered is not available and tells you what action is being taken.  If a substitute is sent, you will be charged the value of the product originally ordered.  Avon will sometimes send a substitute rather than “short supply” you all together, so that you don’t have to go empty handed to your customer – you have something to offer them.  Your customer is under no obligation to accept the substitute, and you may return it for credit if not required.


        Order Messages – Please always take the time to read these messages which include details of Presidents Club and Star Points, Prize Programme information and upcoming Sales Events.



        Total Amount Due – You will find this at the end of your accunt statement.   This payment is due when your order for the next Campaign is due to be placed.


        Keep your Account Statements for at least 1 year for your records.  You never know when you will need to refer back to them.

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